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Tampons- Fill them Up

Tampon is an absorbent shaped like a tube and made up of soft material. It is inserted in vagina to absorb the blood during one’s mensuration. Using a tampon can be a bit problematic if you are a first time user.

Read the following instructions to make the process hassle-free.

  • Wash your hands. 
  • Get inside a washroom and drop down your undies. 
  • Sit on the toilet-seat with your knees apart and make sure you can clearly see your vagina. It will help you in placing the tampon correctly. 
  • Insert the thicker part of the tampon inside your vagina first, following the thinner part till the string is left hanging outside. 
  • Pull the applicator out. It is easy and the tampon will not come out with it. 
  • Walk a few steps and see if you are comfortable. 
  • Do not flush the applicator. Keep changing tampons after every few hours. 

Do not be scared of using a tampon. It will not get lost inside your vagina. You can always use the string to pull it out. If by any chance the string breaks, tampon is not placed very deep inside and you can pull it out using your fingers, pain-free. Be assured we are ready to take away your period worries for an year and you will love the Tampons, sanitary pads, pantyliner's and delicious treats delivered monthly 4 days before your period date in your premium Period Subscription Box in India by KittyFlo.


Sanitary Napkins - Easy to Use

Sanitary pads are an absorbent usually made up of cotton and worn to absorb menstrual flow, thus avoiding blood stains. Though it might seem like a task in your early days, wearing a sanitary pad is simple.

Just follow the steps
  • Get yourself in a bathroom. 
  • Wash your hands. 
  • Drop your underpants till your knee. 
  • Remove the wrapper in which your pad is neatly folded. 
  • Straighten your pad and remove the back cover. If your pad has wings, there will be side covers also. Remove them too. 
  • Stick that sticky or adhesive part of the pad to your panties, exposing the cotton material of pad to your vagina. Place it according to your comfort and flow. Make sure it is nicely stuck to your panties. 
  • If the pad has wings, fold them outside your panties, sideways. 
  • Pull your panties up and get dressed. 

Remember to change pads after every few hours depending upon the flow of blood. There are a variety of sanitary napkins available. Experiment and find out the most comfortable ones according to your needs based on thickness and shape.