1. What is KittyFlo?

KittyFlo is an online monthly subscriptions service to help you stock up sanitary napkins, tampons and other periods related stuff just before you need it. You will be fully prepared, well in advance.


  1. Why do I need KittyFlo?

Women have a hectic schedule. They are no more just housewives but are career oriented too. They are independent, strong and busy. Then why waste time shopping for periods related stuff? Leave this it to us. With KittyFlo, you can order everything online, without even feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable. We only want to help you get through your difficult days, with ease. Just stay tension free.


  1. How can I subscribe?


  1. Will all my information stay secret and secure?

Yes. Every minute detail will stay safe and secure with us. We will not share any information of yours with anyone. PROMISE.


  1. What if I do not remember the first day of my last period?

No worries. That happens a lot. Just give us a rough date and after you get your periods, we can adjust dates accordingly.


  1. How to start/stop my subscription?

To start or stop your account, just log onto the site. Email us at support@kittyflo.com for any other related queries and we will help you.


  1. What is in the box?

It will contain your choice of products (sanitary napkins or tampons). You can also select the brand of your product. We will also send you little sweet treats to manage your mood swings.


  1. Is the box discreet?

YES. For sure. The secret will remain just between us.


  1. Can I switch plans?

Yes. Choose your plan according to your flow. If you feel there is some change in your cycle, then you change your plan accordingly. ANYTIME.


  • Can I add, subtract or change products? 

Initially, you will have to select the plan according to your needs. Though in the later stages, we may help you in customization of your plan according to your choices.


  • Are all the products branded?

100 percent genuine. We will never ever take even a slightest risk with your health.


  • What if the shipment is delayed?

We will make sure that we send your chosen products before time. The shipment will not be delayed. We will make sure you are all prepared before time.


  1. What if my periods are irregular?

Periods tend to get irregular due to various hormonal changes and other biological reasons. We will send you your products 5 days before your selected date. Also to avoid such problems, we will be sending in an extra box of supplies the first time, which can be stocked for the urgent times.


  • Can I have more than one subscription at one address?

Yes. If there are more than one female in your house, you can choose different plans for each one of them and give us the common address for all the subscriptions.


  • How long does the shipping takes? Is the shipping free?

We will send you your box of supplies 5 days before your expected date of periods. We are not charging any shipping fees. It is totally free.


  • What are the different modes of payments?


  • Is it possible to get the box delivered only in my hands?

Though we can try to deliver your box only in your hands, but we cannot make any such guaranteed commitment. No matter who receives the box, from our side the contents of the box will be 100 percent discreet.


  • Why do I choose KittyFlo and not buy pads from market?


Women usually feel uneasy asking for sanitary napkins and tampons from local shops and markets, especially if there is a male sitting on the billing counter. Through KittyFlo, you will not have to worry about the strange gaze and uncomfortable questions. A box of supplies (your choice) will be sent to your home before your expected dates of periods.


  • What brands are available?

After deep research, we have picked out four best brands for you to choose from, i.e., Stayfree, Whisper, Kotex, and Sofy Side. That is how much we care about you and we will serve you only the best.


  • What if I am unsatisfied with the service?

We will make sure that our services never leave you unsatisfied. But if for some reason we are unable to stand up to your expectations you could always contact us at support@kittyflo.com.


  1. What is choosing plans according to the flo?

After a lot of surveys and consulting doctors across the board, we have come up with special preset plans which will be based on your blood flow and period cycle. The plans are such that one of them will surely suit you and your needs. In case you are not sure then opt for the closest ones and leave a query to us and our KITTY (customer support) will get back to you right away and give you the right plan as per your requirement. You can always change your plans whenever needed.