Bollywood And Periods January 16 2016, 0 Comments

We are quite aware of the impact that Indian cinema has on all of us, and it's not recent but has been there since our childhood. From the lullaby that we grew up listening to, till we became adults who resemble their mother's favourite actor/actress (personal experience).

It happened to me one day when I was enjoying the old melodies of Rajesh khanna, "Ye lal rang kab mujhe chhodega....", and I realise that the crimson wave has hit me. Hilarious, but yes a not so welcoming co-incident. The impact was such that I couldn't stop myself from sharing it with the world in a very "Filmy" manner.

So, here it is! 5 Popular Bollywood dialogues, replaced with "Periods" in between: 

1. If only Gabbar was a female, he would have realised what is he asking for.
And, "Thakur" lived happily ever after.

2. We think Rajesh Khanna had an awkward connection with Aunt Flo[w] ;) 
We are sure Pushpa feels you :-)

3. Now that's an original and pretty gross!
That's kinda gross!

4. That's an all time favorite, another original!
 That comforting boyfriend :-)

5. Only if you are not expecting, this one's just Bang On!
Periods! Why you no predictable.

These were few popular dialogues I could come up with. I am sure you might also have something to share. So, don't shy off and share your idea with us.

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