Ways of handling Menstruation January 27 2015, 0 Comments

Sanitary Pads, Tampons, Menstruation Cup or Reusable Cloth- Choose your Companion

Before sanitary pads came into existence, women used clothes during periods. They used and reused, old but washed clothes in their mensuration, to avoid staining. But these clothes did not prove very effective, mainly because of two reasons. Firstly, it was difficult to keep these pieces of clothes at the right place. With every movement, these pads shifted, making it uncomfortable. Secondary, these clothes had to be washed again and again. At times, they were not clean enough to be reused but because of less options, women couldn’t make a better choice.Today’s girls are more educated and enlightened and they can wisely choose the best available way to manage menstrual flow.

  • Sanitary Pads- Pads are widely used by women and most of them claim it to be the most comfortable option. It is an absorbent item, mostly made by cotton, to absorb the blood flow. They are attached to underwear and come in different types like ultra-thin, regular, maxi, overnight etc.
  • Tampons- It is a stopper that is inserted inside the vagina to absorb menstrual fluids. Spread your legs wide and find your vagina. Yes, Vagina can be a difficult place to find. Make sure you know where it is located. Hold the thicker half of the tampon upside and insert it in your vagina. Change them after every 6 hours.
  • Menstrual cups- It is a cup shaped barrier worn inside the vagina during menstruation to collect the fluid. They can be disposed of after every cycle or they can also be reused. They come in various colors and sizes and are generally made up of latex or silicone.
  • Reusable clothes- For a more eco-friendly options go for reusable clothes. Unlike pieces of clothes used as pads, they can be fixed to your panties. They are less expensive and convenient too.