Bollywood And Periods January 16 2016, 0 Comments

We are quite aware of the impact that Indian cinema has on all of us, and it's not recent but has been there since our childhood. From the lullaby that we grew up listening to, till we became adults who resemble their mother's favourite actor/actress (personal experience).

It happened to me one day when I was enjoying the old melodies of Rajesh khanna, "Ye lal rang kab mujhe chhodega....", and I realise that the crimson wave has hit me. Hilarious, but yes a not so welcoming co-incident. The impact was such that I couldn't stop myself from sharing it with the world in a very "Filmy" manner.

So, here it is! 5 Popular Bollywood dialogues, replaced with "Periods" in between: 

1. If only Gabbar was a female, he would have realised what is he asking for.
And, "Thakur" lived happily ever after.

2. We think Rajesh Khanna had an awkward connection with Aunt Flo[w] ;) 
We are sure Pushpa feels you :-)

3. Now that's an original and pretty gross!
That's kinda gross!

4. That's an all time favorite, another original!
 That comforting boyfriend :-)

5. Only if you are not expecting, this one's just Bang On!
Periods! Why you no predictable.

These were few popular dialogues I could come up with. I am sure you might also have something to share. So, don't shy off and share your idea with us.

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Ways of handling Menstruation January 27 2015, 0 Comments

Sanitary Pads, Tampons, Menstruation Cup or Reusable Cloth- Choose your Companion

Before sanitary pads came into existence, women used clothes during periods. They used and reused, old but washed clothes in their mensuration, to avoid staining. But these clothes did not prove very effective, mainly because of two reasons. Firstly, it was difficult to keep these pieces of clothes at the right place. With every movement, these pads shifted, making it uncomfortable. Secondary, these clothes had to be washed again and again. At times, they were not clean enough to be reused but because of less options, women couldn’t make a better choice.Today’s girls are more educated and enlightened and they can wisely choose the best available way to manage menstrual flow.

  • Sanitary Pads- Pads are widely used by women and most of them claim it to be the most comfortable option. It is an absorbent item, mostly made by cotton, to absorb the blood flow. They are attached to underwear and come in different types like ultra-thin, regular, maxi, overnight etc.
  • Tampons- It is a stopper that is inserted inside the vagina to absorb menstrual fluids. Spread your legs wide and find your vagina. Yes, Vagina can be a difficult place to find. Make sure you know where it is located. Hold the thicker half of the tampon upside and insert it in your vagina. Change them after every 6 hours.
  • Menstrual cups- It is a cup shaped barrier worn inside the vagina during menstruation to collect the fluid. They can be disposed of after every cycle or they can also be reused. They come in various colors and sizes and are generally made up of latex or silicone.
  • Reusable clothes- For a more eco-friendly options go for reusable clothes. Unlike pieces of clothes used as pads, they can be fixed to your panties. They are less expensive and convenient too.

Tips to manage Menstruation January 27 2015, 1 Comment

In our day to day life we take care of our general hygiene. In days of menstruation, one needs to take some special measures. This doesn’t mean you have to worry. You just have to stay more clean and fresh.

  • Use sanitary napkins, tampons, and menstrual cups to avoid soiling your clothes. Change them after intervals of time according to the blood flow.
  • Wash your vagina every time you go to urinate. Maintain cleanliness to avoid infection.
  • Your body needs proper nutrients, especially in these days. Eat a balanced diet. Add fruits and vegetables to your diet and have them between meals.
  • Avoid stress and tension as it can affect your cycle. Stay active. Exercise or meditate to keep your body and mind healthy.
  • Use hot water bottle in case of muscular cramps. It will ease out your pain and relax your muscles. Hot water bath is also recommended.
  • Get plenty of sleep to relieve stress and minimize mood swings.
  • Wear dark colored underwear and clothes. This way the chance of spotting a blood stain is less.

Finally have a positive outlook towards your menstruation. It is a sign of your healthy body. Do not get frustrated and take care of your body.

Menstruation 101 January 27 2015, 0 Comments

Menstruation – Just a Healthy Natural Process

Menstruation, in very simple words, is your body’s way of emitting unwanted blood and mucosal tissues from uterus. It is a periodical cycle and is an onset of womanhood. Every month one of the ovary in a female body releases an egg for the purpose of fertilization. It moves towards uterus via fallopian tube. Uterus develops a thin lining, called endometrium and this lining is made up of tissues and blood vessels. This is a way of preparing a woman’s body for pregnancy. When the matured egg stays unfertilized, endometrium is shed and through vagina the lining bleeds out. This is also known as period. The bleeding starts after 14 days of ovulation. Women may bleed anywhere for 2 to 7 days. They generally experience heavy bleeding for the first two days. The menstrual cycle may vary from person to person and is usually 25-35 days long. Environmental factors can also affect the cycle and it is completely normal to have slight difference. The changes can occur throughout lifetime.

What is in the Name?

The word menstruation has a Latin origin and is derived from the word “Menses” meaning months. The cycle has a monthly course and having it on a regular basis is not only the sign of reproductive event but it indicates towards the good health of a woman. Do not be worried if in the initial stage your body takes some time in setting an accurate monthly course and have irregular periods.

From The Beginning to the End

Mostly girls start menstruating when they become teenagers and reach menopause or stop having their periods anywhere in between the age of 45 to 55. Some reports show that a girl can reach her puberty early if she has been overweight as a toddler. Also if a woman is on some particular medicines then she can reach her menopause as early as 40.

What to Expect?

Cramping, during menstruation is very common. Uterus contracts during the process as the lining separates from the body to take the exit route. But the difference is that some women go through pain and for some it is a painless experience, just like any other normal day. Women may have cramps before or during the periods and as they keep getting older, the cramps keep getting milder. Exercising, having hot water bath, resting, eating prescribed pain killers and having orgasm can help in relieving the pain. If the pains get worst then visiting a doctor is the appropriate action.

Be Prepared

For some girls it is an ecstatic moment as their body have given them the green signal to reproduce and some girls stay scared as they have no idea what is in store for them. It is okay to be anxious but one also needs to understand that it is a biological process that is a must for every woman’s body. Read articles, talk to your family and friends and be prepared to start this new phase of your life confidently and comfortably.